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Friday, March 21, 2003

Doc points to Dave Sifry

  From Doc:

''David Sifry has done it again with Technorati. Dig Current Events in the blogosphere, new in the last 2 hours. This is where, for the first time, the blogosphere's news flow begins to resemble and complement the mainstream counterpart over at Google News.''

'' [Later...] On the phone with David, who's explaining the differences between Technorati and indexes like Daypop, Blogdex and Popdex:
There are three: 1) The number of blogs we watch — what in the search world we call "completeness". 2) Freshness — indexing as often as possible, which in our case is in thirty minutes or sixty at the most, for any weblog. Plus we update every fifteen minutes. We also only track links made in the last two hours. So we have a lot more churn. 3) Context. We have as many different contexts as there are weblogs. We also put them together on the same page. In current events we have three links, and they're all as authoritative as possible, over the last two hours. If Glenn Reynolds posted about the same link a day ago, it doesn't show.
So there ya go. Good shit: He just added This is a rectal thermometer in the blogosphere. ''

Posted #  1:32 PM by tom

Thursday, March 20, 2003

West : All. Everywhere else: Zilch

  From Zilch Zilch, a blogger in India:

Mar 20th, 2003:
''Way back at the Institute of Mass communication, all that stuff about the asymmetry of newsflow between developing countries and the developed countries looked hopelessly theoretical and just plain whining. But when I see how the second Gulf war is being covered, the truth of it hits home. Everybody interpreting, eyewitnessing and reporting on this war for the entire world belongs to the Western TV and newpaper networks. Forget Indian TV, not even the newpapers have anybody reporting from Baghdad or Washington or even Kuwait. So all the coverage is along predictable lines: the bad guy being rogered, the good guy addressing the nation from Washington, the world being saved from scum.......Why is this so? The first thing is that it is very expensive to cover any war, and the economics of any single third-world country newspaper or TV covering the event is simply not on, because the is a real danger that you cannot recover the money you spend. As for sheer prestige, the newspaper and TV management are typically penny-counting shortsighted suits for whom only money has meaning. So, relax, forget all this, and tune in to Nic Robertson and Christiane Amanpour!''

This is partly why we are interested in the possibilities between Google and blogs.

Posted #  4:36 PM by tom

Monday, March 17, 2003

shfting spaces of the here-and-there

  Anne Galloway, quoting herself picks up and carries the thread about community into the endless zone:

'' 'I couldn't agree more that we are living and describing a world without ends, rather than a world of ends. I admit to finding binary constructions inadequate, not least because they suffocate a gentle part of me that strives for flexibility and tolerance. I believe in individual and collective spirit, but only if they allow and account for a wide diversity of constantly changing interests and experiences. Recent travels brought to my attention how difficult it can be to distinguish between social presence and absence. With mobile technologies, interactional contexts appear voluptuous, taking place not within the boundaries (or ends) of here *or* there, but in shifting spaces of the here-and-there. And I've always believed that being social, in large part, involves what we are able to be in the presence and absence of others. I also believe that to draw clear distinctions between individual and community tends to deny our experiences and potentials in the world.' '''

Posted #  8:45 PM by tom

Your own newspaper

  Leo Laporte says RSS is not Pointcast redivivus: "If you want to create your own newspaper with just the content you want, download an RSS reader. And if you run a site with content you want other folks to read, make sure you support RSS." via Denise Howell at Bag and Baggage, who adds, "(I say put the aggregator in the browser, but that's a segment for another day.)"

I for one would like to hear more about Denise's idea. I'm still wondering why, with the NET, I would ever again want my own newspaper.

Posted #  8:40 PM by tom


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