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Friday, March 07, 2003

  This needs to be slept on

...mulled over, cogitated, ruminated, digested, discussed.

Dave continues to react strongly in the negative to the Google-Blogger deal in his "Weaning off Google" post.

This is to be expected. As he admits, his main issue is that Google is now, to Dave, essentially a competitor. It's not an easy thing to figure out.

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Thursday, March 06, 2003

  Ceci n'est pas une vache

This is not a link to the Raging Cow blog.

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Wednesday, March 05, 2003

Emergent BlooGoo

  Stephen Berlin Johnson: "About ten months ago, I wrote this in Salon:

"The true revolution promised by the rise of bloggerdom is not about journalism. It's about information management. The bloggers... can actually help organize the Web in ways tailored to your minute-by-minute needs. Often dismissed as self-obsessed 'vanity sites,' the bloggers actually have an important collective role to play on the Web. But they're not challengers to the throne of the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. They're challengers to the throne of Google."

He said it here.

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routing around the failure to rout around

  I have to come back to this from Jeneane (see also below):

...human voices--nobodies, really--are resonating farther and longer through this medium than the power structures of institutions like corporations, big media, government, religion... It's the bottom up thing that's important.

Take this in juxtaposition with the fantasy tool dreamt by Joe Duemer, immediately below. Or even without such a cool tool, the suggestion is, Google or whatever surpasses it is enabling nobodies' voices to rout around the gravitational pull of Money, Branding, Advertising-driven media and the like. This is precisely what is important about Blogger/Google. If, as some fear, other agendas will forestall that outcome, this would merely give another aspirant the opportunity to come in, do it right, and displace Google.

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Blog fantasy tools

  Joseph Duemer: "Blog fantasy tool: Maybe now that Ev & his crew have gotten Google to back their technology they could come up with something like this for weblogs. I would be eternally grateful. The thesaurus tracks connections of various classes; it would be useful to be able to trace the shapes of conversations among bloggers on a particular subject. The dictionary the thesaurus draws upon, of course, is more or less static, while a blog argument (in the broadest sense of that word, meaning an idea tested & developed) is born, evolves & then fades into a kind of informational twilight.

Jeneane Sessum: it ain't all about text

"Finding voice through the backdoor--arriving at voice through imagery. You know, Voice isn't all words. Voice isn't all about text. Sometimes I search google because I'm feeling a certain way--I'm not looking for sites or blogs or healthcare pages. I go straight to the Images tab to see if something finds me there. Tonight that happened." more...

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Monday, March 03, 2003

nobodies, really

  Jeneane is looking for a way to sum Blogging. She writes in the comments on this entry on Allied:

I have promised to make some VIPS a list of articles and blogs that will somehow wrap the largeness of all of this into a single email. So far I haven't been able to do it. The importance of it, really, is that human voices--nobodies, really--are resonating farther and longer through this medium than the power structures of institutions like corporations, big media, government, religion... It's the bottom up thing that's important. I'm not saying we'll TAKE OVER any of those institutions, but we will penetrate and change them.

try explaining that to someone who wants to know what a blog is. yeh.

I dunno, I think you just did...

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